Christmas at Thurton


Christmas with the Aliens – KS1 Nativity

christmas1 christmas2 christmas3 christmas4 christmas5 christmas6 christmas7 christmas8 christmas9 christmas1.1

Lights, Camel, Action! – KS2 Christmas Play

Christmas Christmas0 Christmas1.2 Christmas2 Christmas3 Christmas4 Christmas5 Christmas6 Christmas7 Christmas91

Green Class baking for the Christmas Fayre

baking baking1 baking2 baking3 baking4 baking5 baking6.5 baking6

Father Chris auditioning for a role in the Nativity – maybe next year?!


Christmas Lunch!

lunch lunch1 lunch2 lunch3 lunch4 lunch5 lunch7 lunch8 lunch9.5 lunch9.6 lunch9

Christmas Fayre!

CF CF1 CF2.5 CF2.6 CF2

We were treated to music concerts by the children who do Bandwagon and the children who learn classical instruments! It was very festive!

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Christmas Church Service!

IMG_4468 IMG_4461 IMG_4462 IMG_4471 IMG_4469