World Book Day 2020


At Thurton, we love to celebrate reading and World Book Day is the perfect opportunity to do just that! Children and staff all came dressed as one of their favourite book characters and the children enjoyed a whole-school-day moving from room to room in their coloured teams and engaging in activities to do with different books! Read on to find out what we got up to!

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Red Room РAliens Love Underpants 

In Red Room, children read the book Aliens Love Underpants and then designed some exciting new underpants for the aliens!! We’ll be sending their designs off to space soon to see what the aliens think!

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Yellow Room – Supertato

In Yellow Room, children listened to the story Supertato (read to them by the Evil Pea!). They then had fun creating their own superheros out of fruit and veg, making superhero masks and designing comic book style stories about the superhero they had made! Consider Thurton Primary School defended against all evil!!

IMG_5059 IMG_5101 IMG_5103 IMG_5067 IMG_5115 IMG_5117 IMG_5140 IMG_5152 comic

Green Room – George’s Marvellous Medicine

In Green Room, children heard all about poor George Kranky and his horrible grandma! George makes a marvellous medicine to give her which makes her body do all sorts of funny things! Inspired by this, we got messy making some medicines of our own. Watch out Grown Ups – now we know what to do to make you grow, shrink or disappear completely!

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Blue Room – Show and Tell time!

In Blue Room, children had the opportunity to talk to their team about their outfits; why they had chosen them, how they made them and what they like about the story their character came from! They then got to design some bunting for their characters!

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Don’t worry, the kids didn’t have all the fun…!

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