Blue Room – Year 5/6


Year 5 and 6 are taught in one class, with the benefit of having the same teacher for two years.

Curriculum Overview Y5-6

Year A

Year B

  • The Island
  • Tudors including exploration
  • Residential – Brancaster – 2013, 2015, 2017

The Island

The Island Initially, the Island Project will involve the children engaging with the concept through the story of Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. Using enquiry questions, we will wonder how we could create an island and what it would be like to set up a community there. The children will develop their knowledge and understanding of coasts, rivers and mountains. The children will then use this knowledge to work together to create a realistic 3d model of an island out of cardboard. Once the island has been created, the children will make important decisions and will learn to justify their responses to support their views. They will develop their understanding of which skills are important when setting up a community, choosing a site for a settlement, naming a settlement and, through role play and small world models, begin to experience what it might feel like to be part of this exciting project. They will investigate evaporation and separating materials and will have opportunity to explore what it might be like to worship as part of different faith groups in Norwich.

Home Learning:

  • Investigate Settlement names
  • Making a model shelter
  • Family skills audit
  • Diary Project about Life on the Island

Term 2

During this term, the children will imagine that they are working for the Island’s Science & Research Department and will study materials and their properties. They will learn about separating materials by filtering, sieving, decanting, evaporating and magnetising different materials which are mixed in a beaker sample taken from the river on their island. They will also explore reversible and non-reversible changes by burning materials and will learn how new materials can be created by mixing materials, when they make a model to show the last eruption of a volcano on their island. Through enquiry based RE, the children will explore other religions to answer the question: How can we make our Island a better place to live? This will result in a moral code for the islanders to follow. They will also make decisions about town planning and which shops and services the islanders require. Before the end of term, they will develop their understanding of civic duties further when, in groups, they will form Ministries for ‘Food’, ‘Transport’, and ‘Energy’ and deliver a presentation on how they will run the Island.

Home Learning:

  • Town Planning Project

Term 3

This term, the children will complete the Island topic by exploring the idea of what the Island will be like in 2067. The children use enquiry based learning to explore a theme of their choice, e.g. How will the Island be governed? They conduct research, produce models and writing to support their views, which they then present to a visitor. The children will also begin their new topic of The Tudors, and again use enquiry based learning to explore the question: What was life like for a Tudor? The children research historical sources and will produce a script for a documentary radio programme for Island Radio. In science, the children learn about the Earth, Sun and Moon, keeping healthy on a Tudor ship and water resistance. In RE, children will explore the different views on Christianity that the Tudor monarchs had and how that might have affected people at the time. Year 5-6 Autumn 2014 The Island Planning Web

Home Learning:

  • Kings and Queens Project
  • Year Sixes, click here for a link to past Sats Papers