Green Room – Year 3/4

We had a brilliant afternoon with our grown ups at our Amazon Learning Café! We shared a story, read some of our ‘Save the Rainforest’ speeches, played some samba music, showed off our artwork and had fun making some slinky lizards! Thanks to everyone who came! – Autumn 2019

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Amazing artwork based on the works of Henri Rousseau. He did lots of paintings of the rainforest and we used oil pastels to recreate his work. – Autumn 2019



Green Class visit the animals at Amazona Zoo! – Autumn 2019

Amazona Zoo Amazona Zoo 3 Amazona Zoo 2spider tapir monkey

Pirate training, team building, and walks on the beach on our class residential to Aylmerton! – Summer 2019

Aylmerton 3 aylmerton 4 aylmerton 5 Aylmerton kids at aylmerton lotaly team work

Celebrating all our history learning with a History Day! – Summer 2019

History Day 1 History Day 2 History Day 3 History Day 4 History Day 5 History Day 6 History Day 7 History Day 8 History Day 10 History Day 11

Drawing our own Viking longboat figureheads using charcoal! – Spring 2019

Viking 1 Viking 2 Viking 3


Reading and Phonics

Throughout the school we have a comprehensive school system to teach reading and phonics.

The extensive range of guided reading books are book banded, these include quality picture and chapter books as well as a range of schemes. At the beginning of each year the teachers have reading meetings that all parents are invited to attend.

If knowledge of phonics and words still need developing into Key Stage 2, we have a learning support assistant who specifically targets children weekly to support them. This is the same system throughout the school and is also linked to the teaching of handwriting.


The curriculum for this class is taught over a two year cycle, with topics which develop learners opportunities to ask and formulate questions, debate and have fabulous experiences!

Year A – All Through History

This year, children are taught all about the history of Early Britain; from our great ancestors who lived in caves 10,000 years ago up to the Viking invasion from the North! We look at how each of these people groups lived and especially focus on the impact the invaders from Italy and Scandinavia had on the country. Much of the year is history based learning and the children have a chance to develop their skills as historians, using and evaluating sources to help them build a picture of the past. Although history is our focus, we base all our foundation learning around our history topic and our Literacy learning is linked to our topics as well.

Autumn Term

Stone Age

Bronze Age

Iron Age/Celts

Spring Term

Roman Invasion of Britain

Summer Term


Year B – Around the World

Over this year, children have the chance to explore different continents, countries and cultures around the world through all aspects of their learning and consider how these may be different to our own. We kick off the year by learning all about key features of the world; hemispheres, the equator, time zones, longitude and latitude and the continents the world is made up of. Then we zoom in on four of the world’s continents; South America, Europe, Antarctica and Africa, and explore them through our foundation subject learning. Our writing is always used to demonstrate the knowledge we have learned from our topic lessons.

Autumn Term

South America/Brazil


Spring Term


Summer Term

Africa – Egypt/Ancient Egypt