Red Room – Reception / Yr 1

Reading and Phonics

Throughout the school we have a comprehensive school system to teach reading and phonics.

All the books in the infant library are book banded, these include quality picture and chapter books as well as a range of schemes. At the beginning of each year the teachers have reading meetings that all parents are invited to attend.

Every week the children have a guided reading session with the teacher which further develops their understanding of reading and in particular comprehension. The children are able to use the extensive range of guided reading books that are banded to appropriate levels.

Phonics is taught daily throughout the Key Stage 1 using the Letters and Sounds Framework. This framework supports children with reading, writing and spelling by segmenting and blending sounds. This system is also linked to the teaching of handwriting.


The curriculum is taught through quality books, especially picture books. The topics we cover depend on what the children in the class decide they are interested in. The school follows the National Curriculum, but ensures that learning experiences are guided by the interests of the children by ensuring that key skills from the National curriculum are covered. Below are some of the learning areas that have been covered over the last couple of years.

  • Toys
  • Seasons and Celebrations
  •  Mr Bear and the Bear (Literacy Goes MADD – teaching using Music, Art, Dance and Drama through Literacy)
    –  The man who planted trees – Academy Award winning short film
  • Once upon a Time
  • Dragons and Castles
  • Underwater
  • Farms and farming
  • Light and Dark
  • Emergencies
  • Katie Morag
  • Space

‘Mr Bear and the Bear’ – as part of this topic, we learn about stewardship and what would make a perfect world. The children create a drama piece about how to show care towards the main character of this story and have been using music, art and dance to support their Literacy work. Some of the children with created their own ‘perfect worlds’.