Curriculum Plans

Autumn Term- 2015- 2016

The children kick-started the term in September with a topic about Toys. As part of this topic we learnt all about the differences between old and new toys and discussed what materials toys are made from. The children made their own timeline about popular toys over the years and compared them to toys nowadays. As part of their Literacy work, the children wrote their own ‘toy story’ and focused on using describing words in these. For our Science work the children learnt about forces of toys and how toys move on different surfaces.

After half term, the children’s new topic was ‘Seasons and Celebrations’. The main focus of this has been seasonal changes and celebrations which happen during this half term. As part of our RE work the children have been learning about Jewish celebrations with a main focus on Bar/ Bat Mitzvahs. The children have been doing their own research about this and creating a posters using the computers. We have also been learning about why bonfire night is celebrated and the history behind this.

Spring Term- 2015-2016

As part of our Mr Bear and the Bear topic, we have been learning about stewardship and what would make a perfect world. The children have started to create a drama piece about how to show care towards the main character of this story and have been using music, art and dance to support their Literacy work.

For our Around the World, the children found where we live on a map of the United Kingdom and looking at the globe to find the UK. We then learnt about other countries such as Kenya and Egypt and compared similarities and differences between those and England. The children found out more about cultures around the world and also other types of houses from other countries.

Summer Term- 2015-2016

During the first half of term we were learning all about Water. As part of their Science work, the children learnt about the water cycle were able to use the words evaporation, condensation and precipitation for the different parts of the cycle. They also experimented with hot water to find out how it can change different materials such as salt, sugar, sand and cornflour. As part of their Literacy work, the children learnt about and retold the story of The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. The children designed their own healthy packed lunch for the main character in the story as part of our work on a balanced diet.

During the second half term our topic was ‘Castles and Dragons’. The children planned, designed and evaluated their own shield design which had to represent their own personalities. The children then used ‘paint’ on the computer to create their design. For our History and Literacy work, the children found out about the history of castles and how knights would try to attack castles. They then created non-fiction pieces of writing based upon this, and presented them to the rest of the class. As part of their Art work the children also created their own castle pictures using wax and ‘brusho’ based on the famous artist Paul Klee.

Curriculum plan- autumn 1 on the farm  Autumn 2016 – 2017

Curriculum plan- autumn 1 Toys 2015-2016

Curriculum plan- Seasons and Celebrations 2015-2016

Curriculum plan- spring 2 Mr Bear and the Bear 2015-2016

Curriculum plan- water Water 2015-2016