Curriculum Information

Overview of the Autumn Term

 All of the children in Reception have settled beautifully into school life at Thurton! They are now all fully aware of the school routine and the behaviour expectations both in class and around the school. This term we have focused on helping them learn how to build relationships, and how to share and play co-operatively together. They have had time to pursue their own interests and learn through play activities, as well as taking part in adult-directed activities.
Our first topic this term was ‘All about me’ where we got to know each other very well! We found out about each other’s interests, our families, our homes, our pets and our hobbies. We even tried out some new hobbies such as bird spotting, singing and cooking, where we made and tasted food from around the world. We enjoyed a visit from Jane and her collection of pets and wrote a class letter to Mrs Williams to ask for our own class pet fish! In Science, we learnt how to look after pets and looked at different habitats that animals live in. We also experienced our first school trip to the Puppet Theatre to see ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and went on our own bear hunt around the school!
In the second half of term our topic was ‘Festivals and Celebrations’ where we learnt about celebrations of different religions from around the world. The children enjoyed their own firework celebrations in class, making lots of different firework art, and they had a go at making their own firework sounds. In Science, we learnt about light and dark, during which the children particularly enjoyed learning about light sources and creating their own shadow puppet shows, as well as having the ‘dark den’ in the classroom to explore. In R.E. this term the children have had an introduction to Judaism and have learnt about Jewish celebrations. We have also been learning about the Nativity story and have been practicing and performing our own Nativity play to celebrate Christmas!

Overview of the Spring Term

Our first topic this term was ‘Once Upon A Time’, looking at traditional fairytales. We learnt about ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’ and got to make and taste porridge! We then looked at the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, where we acted out the story and wrote a thank you letter to the woodcutter for saving Little Red Riding Hood from the wolf. The children loved the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and how the goats tricked the troll! We created a wanted poster describing the troll, and then went on a troll hunt around the school (luckily it was only Mrs Powell!). Next, we looked at the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and had a go at growing our own beans! We wrote instructions about how to plant a bean, and created a display on how plants grow to help inform others in the school. We also looked at ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and wrote an ingredients list so that we could make our own. Once we had made our gingerbread men, we created and wrote our own ending to the story.
In numeracy we have focused on sorting and recording mathematical data, recognising numbers to 20, working out one more and one less than a given number, as well as addition and subtraction. In Science we investigated what substances dissolve in water and how to know if something has dissolved. In I.T. we programmed beebots to follow the path to Grandmas house and began to write our own algorithms, and in R.E. we celebrated Pancake Day and learnt the Christian meaning behind it.
After half term the children got to choose our new topic and therefore led their own learning. This half of the term we learnt about ‘the world of make believe’ and looked at everything from castles to fairies. We have investigated and labelled the features of a castle, designed our own castles out of junk modelling, and looked at different castles from around the world. We investigated what it was like to be a Roman solider and designed our own shields. The children also created their own Roman warships and tested them to see if they would sink or float. The children really enjoyed creating their own battle plan for the beebots to attack the castle.
In numeracy we focussed on identifying and describing the properties of 3D shapes, ordering numbers to 20, halving, sharing, doubling, and identifying coins. In R.E. this term we learnt about what Easter means to Christians, and why going to church services is important to them.

Overview of the Summer Term

Our first topic of the summer term was ‘Minibeasts’ which the children absolutely loved! They learnt lots of facts about a variety of different minibeasts. We also learnt about their habitats and what they like to eat. The children went minibeast hunting around the school grounds and recorded their findings in a tally chart. We then used their recorded data to work out which minibeast they found the most/least of. They also learnt about The Very Hungry Caterpillar story and the butterfly life cycle.
In maths we focused on recording and interpreting data, creating and describing patterns, working out 1 more/1 less and learning how to tell the time. In art and design we were inspired by French artist Henri Matisse’s snail picture and created our own collage snails. We also had a go at making symmetrical butterfly and ladybird paintings. The children loved creating spider webs on material using wax crayons and brusho, and we even made a very healthy hungry caterpillar out of vegetables! In RE we learnt about funerals (after losing our class pet fish Hartier) and enjoyed having a visit from Mr Singh who gave us an introduction to the Sikh religion.
During the second half of the summer term we have been learning about ‘Our Wonderful World’. The children have learned how some Christians believe the world was created, and even had a go at creating their own world. We also learnt about the communities we live in, and investigated littering in the school village. The children were shocked at how much litter there was in our school grounds, so they decided to create littering posters to inform people in the school. The children also loved investigating water and learning about the sea and sea creatures and are very excited for the school trip to the Sea Life Centre. In maths we have applied our knowledge of weight and height to solve practical problems. The children further developed their knowledge and understanding of addition and subtraction, time, money and shape and have started to learn how to count in 2’s and 10’s.


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