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Premier Performing Arts Drama Club – now open to Year 3-6!

The uptake for the Premier Performing Arts Drama Club which we have organised for Years 1 and 2 has been quite low. So we are now opening the club up to Year 3-6 too.  If your child would like to take part in this club, please let the office know.

This term our Value is …Friendship

This term’s value is friendship.  If your child demonstrates how to be a good friend at home, they will receive a special ‘Friendship’ sticker.  Please bring in a photo or a note to let us know how your child has been a good friend!

Tennis Club – 11th October 2018

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel Tennis Club on 11th October.  Pupils can attend After School Care (if childcare is an issue).  We will credit pupils who attend this club for the cancelled session, or if you would prefer a refund please speak to the office.

School Day Favourites Lunch

Enjoy the special ‘School Day Favourites’ Menu on Thursday 4th October!  These will replace the usual Main and Vegetarian options on this day.