We would recommend a visit to the school to see what a special place Thurton Primary is and that we are not like most schools, which is why we were graded as Outstanding in every area by Ofsted (March 2015).

Admissions to the school are not arranged by the school office but through the county council.

If you would like to apply for a school place at Thurton Church of England Primary School, please contact the Admissions department at Norfolk County Council.

Room 7
County Hall
Martineau Lane

Telephone: 0344 800 8020
Fax: 01603 223722

Applications can be made online here. or click here to visit the Admissions website.

If you are considering joining Thurton Primary School once the school year has started, if you are moving into the area then depending on if there are spaces at school then starting can be quite quick.

If you are currently living locally we suggest that you talk with your current headteacher about the reasons you think you need your children to change schools, then you might be able to solve any issues or concerns. If you still feel that you would like to join us at Thurton, make an appointment to see Mr Barber to have a look around. Please be aware that there are only three times per year that the admissions team allow for changes between schools during a school year, these being January, Easter and after the summer holiday.

It is essential to read “Guide to Primary/Secondary schools” before you make your application. This will ensure you follow the application process correctly; help avoid  delays; and maximise your chances of getting your preferred school. Please contact School Admissions at Norfolk County Council if you need any further assistance.

Transition and before school starts for Reception Children

All parents and carers of children who are to start school in the year that they are 5 apply to the county council with preferences for schools.

This is done through Norfolk Council Council on the above link. These applications are due in around the 15th of January every year. In the middle of April, county sends a letter to let families know what school has been offered. We receive a letter about the same time as you do and we then send a little booklet to all the children who will be coming to our school which explains more about our school and dates for all the transition activities. Starting school is an exciting but sometimes scary event for parents and children.

To ensure a smooth transition into school we have a number of events for both children and parents to make this a happy experience.

Following are the activities you will be involved in if you choose Thurton as your school for Reception.

  • Foundation Stage Evening Meeting

We are hold an evening meeting for parents in June, starting at 6.30pm, where there is an opportunity to meet the adults who will be working with your child and to answer any questions. We discuss entry to school, daily routines, school uniform, break and lunchtimes and also our House system, which encourages the children across the school to work as a team when collecting their merits and on sports day. During the information evening, we also share the types of activities your child is likely to be doing in their first year of school and briefly explain the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. We have a ‘I am Starting School’ folder which is available to be picked up with lots of ideas of the things you can do with your child at home to make the transition to school as smooth as possible.

Nursery Visits are very important and the teacher visits the different playgroups to meet your child/ren before they come into school for their transition afternoons.

  • Transition afternoons

We have three transition afternoon visits, to ensure that these afternoons are really successful, we ask that parents join us for a short time on the first day and then leave so that the children get to know everyone else and they all have a positive experience as possible. We would like this to be an easy and fun experience for both your child and yourselves.

  • Home visits

The teacher and key worker will also visit your home to get to know your child even better. During this visit they ensure that all paperwork needed for school will be completed. These visits aren’t to check out your home, but to give time for conversations about settling in, transition, medical needs and anything else you would like to ask in the comfort of your own home.

  • PTA breakfasts

When you join school, the PTA run coffee and croissant mornings for parents to meet other parents, keep an eye out for their “What’s coming up” board for information about these and other events.

If you have been successful in gaining a place at our school, we welcome you and look forward to meeting with you soon, if you are considering our lovely school please come and have a look around. We have an open day in November but also arrange times by appointment, just call the office. If you can’t make the open day or have missed it please phone the office for an appointment with Mrs Williams.

Admission criteria for Thurton C of E VC Primary School

The criteria in order, for gaining one of the 15 Reception class places that are available each year at Thurton Church of England Primary School is:

Children who are due to start school and

  1. have a statement of special educational needs naming that school
  2. are in public care or have been adopted
  3. live in the area served by the school and who have a sibling attending the school at the time of their admission
  4. have a disability and live in the area served by the school (Appropriate professional evidence will be required to confirm the disability)
  5. live in the area served by the school
  6. have been allocated a permanent place at a Specialist Resource Base attached to the school. (Places allocated by Norfolk County Council’s Placement panel)
  7. live outside the area served by the school who have a brother or sister with a statement of special educational needs attending the school at the time of their admission.
  8. live outside the area served by the school who have a brother or sister attending the school at the time of their admission
  9. have a disability and live outside the area served by the school (Appropriate professional evidence will be required to confirm the disability)
  10. live outside the area served by the school