Before and After School Care


Before School Care

Thurton Before School Care (BSC) is run by two of our existing staff every day from 7.45-8.40am. Children can be dropped off at any time during this period, by coming to the side gate where there will be a bell to ring. If a space is booked, payment will be needed and is non transferable. Each session, whatever time children arrive, is £3. This term, there will be games available and if parents would like to send a breakfast packup the staff will help with this. Forms for booking are available in the school office or can be downloaded here.

After School Care

Currently, there are after school clubs every day until 4.30pm on site. These are booked half termly through the school office.

We now offer After School Care which is run by a member of staff from 3.30-4.30pm and 4.30-5.30pm. Each 1-hour session costs £3.  Sessions should be booked in advance using our Booking Form.