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The third part of our vision statement – Achieve, is very important to us at Thurton Primary School. We aim for all our children to make at least good progress from their starting points.

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Key Stage 2 (2018)

KS2 Results 2018

Three Year Results

R 3year

R y3 ss

W 3y

M 3y

M 3y ss

Key Stage 1




Year 1 Phonics Check

Phon 3y

Early Years Foundation Stage




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Each Child = 9%

Phonics Screening Pass %
All Pupils (National pass 77%) 100%

Key Stage 2 SATs Results 2014/15

Each Child = 6.5%

Brackets = National results

Year 6 results Level 4+

87% (80%) Maths, Reading and Writing

100% (87%) Maths

87% (89%) Reading

100% (87%) Writing

Year 2 results Level 2+

100% (90%) Reading

100% (88%) Writing

100% (93%) Maths

Y6 Results  – Past 3 years

  • 100% L4 and above in Maths, Writing and SPAG
  • Sickness during Reading test so results were not the 100% predicted


  • 100% L4 and above in all subjects
  • 5th in Norfolk (Telegraph list)


    • 92% L4 and above in all subjects (each child is 8%)
    • 14th in Norfolk (Telegraph list)



  • 100% L4 and above in all subjects
  • Top 16% Nationally
  • 7th in Norfolk (Telegraph list)

Y6 Results Summary 2013

For detailed information on our most recent results please look at our page and our Schools Dashboard page

Y6 Results Summary 2012

2012 SATs results have been published nationally. Comparing the percentage of Year 6 pupils attaining the expected level, Level 4, in English and maths and the progress the children have made, Thurton are proud to be 5th in Norfolk (BBC list).

“As there is no statistically better performing school in this group that is within a 75 mile radius of the focus school, an additional school has been highlighted – the method for selecting a school from outside of this group is explained in the similar schools guidance.” DFE performance tables linked to national similiar schools