Vision, Values & Ethos

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Vision, Values and Ethos

We want all the children at the school to:

“Enjoy, Achieve, Believe”

Enjoy what they are doing at school in the classroom or in the outdoor environment including Forest School activities, visits beyond the school and in different environments, but also during the school day or during break times.

Achieve the highest possible results for each child by understanding where they start and ensuring that a rigorous approach to learning and assessment is undertaken by all staff. The motto of “do our best, try our best and be our best” runs throughout everything the school community does.

Believe in  their future, while also gaining an understanding of values and beliefs of different religions, with the Christian values at our core.

The whole Thurton community work together to create a happy and productive community, where we encourage a “Team Thurton” spirit. Excellent behaviour and mutual respect are at the core of our aims and values between both the children, families and staff at the school. Thurton Church of England Primary School is a place where everybody strives to provide the best opportunities for each child and everyone who enters our school.

We believe that every young person should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability or circumstances.  Where every possible the children enhance their learning by learning outside the classroom.

Aims of the school

  • We are committed to ensuring that every pupil leaves our school with high aspirations, an enduring enthusiasm for learning and the confidence to address the world on their own terms.
  • To this end, we aim to teach key skills and knowledge using personalized and inspiring learning opportunities to engage each child, develop in them the confidence to set and meet new challenges and to experience success through a curriculum that is inspirational and relevant to every child.
  • The staff team are central to the success of the school and each person has a valuable part to play in its development. Staff at Thurton recognize their professional responsibility both collectively and individually. They are role models in learning and as such as activity seeking opportunities to further their own knowledge and skills.
  • Our learning community is guided by leaders who communicate the purpose and direction of the school clearly through weekly newsletters, on the school website and through regular texts.
  • We are committed to inclusion, believing that every child has the right to succeed. We take ownership of the responsibility to ensure that any barriers to learning are overcome.
  • Our core aim is that all children experience success and take with them the self-confidence and belief in themselves through experiences for life. We respect and value the diversity of cultures within Britain and ensure that our children understand where they fit into the wider world.
  • We see parents as partners and are committed to working with them to sustain a strong sense of community, raise children’s self-esteem, foster in them empathy with others, engender a sense of pride in the school and empower them to shape their own futures.
  • We provide a safe, welcoming environment that enhances the learning opportunities, reflects the wider community and encourages all to take a pride in the school that they belong to and to enhance its image.

As a Church of England Primary School, the children have the opportunity to learn about different British Religions and core values. In November 2014, the school was awarded the Religious Education Gold award. This has enabled children to gain a very deep understanding that Britian is a very multicultural county. The school aims to serve its community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice. We encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith within many religions and promote Christian values through the experience we offers to all our pupils.

Each term a different Christian value is the focus of collective worship. The values are chosen to further develop and enhance the school. The children have recently have learnt about values of:

Justice – this value was chosen by Year ¾ children as they wanted to find out more about Justice. Every second year, year 3/4 learn about immigration and emigration and the concept of Justice kept coming up. Children learnt about Jonah and the Whale, Bartimaeus and being blind and about what is fair.

Humility – this value was chosen by the children as they wanted to know more about what being humble meant. This value has been taught through the amazing achievements of the Olympians and Paralympians. The children have a collective worship group who organise and lead the collective worship every second Thursday, they have been able to come up with a range of very interesting ways of showing humility. They even invited a member of the Salvation Army to talk to us all about what they do.

Creativity – this  value was chosen to teach the children about not just doing the same but thinking outside the box.

Responsibility – this value showed the children that they were responsible for what they say, do, how they are and how they are to others. The ethos the children follow to “Do your best, try your best and be your best” was linked into learning about Responsibility.

Perseverance – this was chosen due to illness of a member of our school community.

Forgiveness – At Thurton School , our children know that they can start each day afresh which follows in the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation that we have enabled the children to learn about and from.