Collective worship

  • A clear Christian message is conveyed during collective worship through greetings, Bible stories and prayers. A thought to go out with is also offered at the end as a reflection and spiritual opportunity.
  • Child led collective worship includes drama of events that could actually happen in their lives, ensuring that it is more real for the children. “Have you ever felt?” is a regular question they ask the children.
  • Prayer is a daily and integral part of collective worship and at the end of each session a prayer is offered and if the children wish to join in and make it their prayer, they say ‘Amen’ at the end. This is then followed every day by the Lord’s Prayer which the children know by heart.
  • Collective worship which focuses on singing and praise is also timetabled in weekly as the children broaden and develop their bank of songs, including many from Out of the Ark, from the Sing Up website, through to traditional hymns.
  • Children and Reverend Chris lead church services four times per year following the Church Seasons – Harvest, Christmas, Easter and Thankful service, where the songs they learn and drama linked to these festivals are shared with the school community. The whole school learns about Pentecost and invites the community to join the children at school to celebrate.

Collective worship is a very important part of our school day. We start our week with Collective Worship from 8.50 – 9.05am. On each other day throughout the week, collective worship is from 2.45 – 3pm.

Monday – Whole School Collective worship following school Value.

Tuesday – Open the Book (our local church group dramatises Bible Stories) or Singing Assembly

Wednesday – Key Stage Collective Worship following school Value at the Key stage level

Thursday – Collective Worship Group – Children in year 5 and 6 lead these following the value of the term.

Friday – Celebration Assembly