Music is an integral part of Thurton School. On entry each day, music is playing throughout the school to allow for a calm start to our day. Children often burst into song and we make up little diddies to teach the children key skills so that they can remember them e.g. times tables for mathematics.

Funding through Pupil Premium has allowed us to employ a music teacher from the Norfolk Music Service for all children in years 3-6 to have weekly whole class music instrument lessons. We feel that it is important that all children have the opportunity to experience playing a musical instrument no matter their background.

2015/16 -Xylophone, Recorder, Kazoo

2014/15 -Trumbone


  • Year 5/6 – Clarinet
  • Year 3/4 – Flute


  • Year 5/6 – Recorder
  • Year 3/4 – Trumbone
We have fortnightly singing assemblies and Mrs Knight who takes the school for these singing assemblies also runs the fantastic school choir with Mrs Anne Dring. The choir regularly perform to us as a school and yearly in a large concert at St Andrew’s Hall in Norwich. The music curriculum will be updated this year linked to the new curriculum.We have concerts for our parents to share our pupils’ expertise, as well as the choir and instrumentalists performing in our termly church services.

Individual music lessons

In the past we have had music lessons for guitar, drums, clarinet, saxophone and flute. This year children have chosen to learn the piano individually and we have one teacher who come into school independently to undertake these lessons. If your child/ren are interested in having individual lessons please talk to the office and they will help you. In 2014/15, the school will again have individual lessons this time for Clarinet, Flute or Trombone for children who would like to continue after learning in 2013/14.