Religious Education

At Thurton Church of England Primary School, we try to ensure that all children learn about the varying belief systems and religions from Britain and around the world. We want to ensure that the children leave us with the skills to become great citizens of the world. As a school community we feel that by understanding all religions and having a good basis in the Christian values the children who leave us are set to enter a world where they can be tolerate, respectful and understanding. To further enhance our RE curriculum, we ask adults of different faiths to come and share what it is like to be British but another religion than Christian. We have regular whole school RE days within school to enable children from each year group to learn about a range of faiths for example- Judaism, Sihk, Buddist and Baha’i. We also have whole school RE days such as Reflective Spaces and Lord’s Prayer Day, Pentacost, A Christmas Experience Day and a Hanukkah Day. As part of the reflective spaces experience the hall had a wide range of different areas where the children were able to think about different Christian values and reflect on each one. For our Hanukkah day we had Steven Melzak from the Jewish community to teach us about Judaism through song. We learnt about Jewish traditions and the story of Hanukkah.

The children also visit places of worship – including going to our local church for four services per year – Harvest, Christmas, Easter and a service of Thanks at the end of the school year. Year 3/4 also go to the Cathedral in Norwich and the children in Year 5/6 get to go to Westminster Abbey in London during their residential and undertake a “Reflective Walk” where they visit the Synagogue, Mosque and Catholic Cathedral in one day.

RE Gold Mark School – our RE coordinator runs 1/2 termly RE meetings that any RE coordinator can attend and is involved in the Norfolk RE group.

SIAMS Inspection – Outstanding

The school uses resources which have been developed by the Diocese of Norwich to enhance our enquiry based RE curriculum, such as Pentacost, Christmas and Eco RE. We also follow what is recommended e.g. Lord’s Prayer Day and Interesting Christmas and Easter resources.

A few of the special things that we have done and do at our school:

  • Deliver Christmas cards to all houses in our village every year to wish them the best of the Christmas season and to invite local residents to our Christmas celebrations.
  • We ask big questions – especially with the beginning of WHY?
  • Close links with Reverend Chris who helps to support RE teaching and Collective along with our RE subject leader.
  • Reflective spaces around the school both inside and outside
  • Daily Collective Worship, including children leading collective worship every Thursday and the Open the Book team every other Tuesday.
  • Stations of the Cross at Easter Church Service with the local community
  • Remberance Service with members of the local armed forces
  • Vicar undertook a “wedding” at the church for Year R/1 children and they had a reception after
  • Class Covenants rather than rules so there is a focus on what values we want to show rather than behaviours
  • Two children went to London to meet the then Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Miss Debenham leading a local SACRE group of mainly RE subject leaders to share her knowledge to further develop others
  • Miss Debenham and Mrs Williams attending national RE conferences
  • Miss Banham visiting the Y3/4 link school in India
  • Miss Banham and Mrs Williams spoke at Realising the Potential Conference – UEA about RE Mark and impact on school
  • Using the RE Quality mark to support Self – presentation used at conference
  • Miss Banham working with her class and trailing materials for RE Today – a nationally produced magazine