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Welcome to our home learning page. We will be updating this page regularly which will keep you busy with your learning over the coming days.








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Home Learning by Class

Click on your class to discover what has been planned for you today or for this week…

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Contacting Your Teacher

red@thurton.norfolk.sch.uk          Miss Debenham

yellow@thurton.norfolk.sch.uk     Miss Chittock

green@thurton.norfolk.sch.uk      Miss Jackson

blue@thurton.norfolk.sch.uk        Mrs Scorey


Zoom Meetings Information

Learning Outside the Classroom / Home







STEM Activities and Learning at Home






Looking After Your Family’s Well-Being

All of our lives have changed drastically – please look after your physical and emotional health.

  • Schools have not ‘shut down’ – you will still be able to communicate with us (please e-mail the school office or a teacher directly using the above addresses)
  • Don’t try to replicate a full school timetable
  • Have a routine and structure
  • Set achievable goals – choose a number of tasks to achieve that day or even week
  • Don’t worry if the routine isn’t perfect
  • Expect stress
  • Avoid putting too much pressure on academic work
  • Try to keep work in one place
  • Supervise children with screens
  • Play

For more advice, please click here: