At Thurton Church of England Primary School the children are divided into four teams; Green, Blue, Yellow and Red which they stay in throughout their time at the school.  They compete in these teams in various sporting events and they can achieve Merits Points for good behaviour, attitude and effort – upholding the childrens mantra. Merit Points are collected weekly and the winning team are announced every Monday in assembly.  After 10, 25, 50 and 100 merits, the children receive a certificate which is handed out in assembly.

At Thurton the children at all times try to uphold their personal mission of:

“To do our best, be our best and try our best.”

Within each class a Class Covenant is agreed at the beginning of the year which links to the Christian values our school holds dear. Examples of values that the children have chosen to be the foundations for their classes are:

Forgiveness, compassion, perserverance, courage, creativity, humility and hope.

Behaviour and Discipline Policy September 2017